• Software Download

    Version 4.08

    Once you have dowloaded and installed the Pro-Data+ software on your computer, you will have to open up your products IGN file. It's simple:

    1. In the "Graph View" window (upper left-hand window), click on "File"
    2. A dropdown list will appear, click on "Open"
    3. In the Open window click on your product.
    4. Highlight the file "xxxxxxx.IGN" by clicking on it
    5. Click "Open" and the correct window will appear to program your product with the Pro-Data+ software

    Print these instructions before downloading the software so you can refer to them after installation.

    Download the Pro-Data+ Software



    MSD View Software Download

    for MSD part numbers 4244, 4245, 4248 and 4247.